Dermalogica Facial

By Noreen Farooqui

Dermalogica Facial


I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help but touch it. It’s soft, supple and ohhhhhh soooooooo hydrated!

My face. My skin. It feels fabulous.

On Monday, I decided to treat myself to a skin nourishing experience at Aroma Wellness Clinic & Spa. After the long, dry winter we had, I was unhappy with my dry skin and felt it was a much-needed necessity.

I booked a Dermalogica® facial with Aoife O’Conaill, an aesthetician at the spa and now, days later, my skin is still thanking me for it.

Find a Good Aesthetician

When you’re looking for an aesthetician to treat your skin, it’s best to go with someone who is recommended and one you can trust. The whole routine of a facial…steaming, masks, moisturizing, and especially, the much needed for some of us, and often dreaded… extractions demand a certain level of expertise, without which your skin can suffer damage.

Since March, I have been getting other spa treatments from Aoife, and decided to trust her with my face.

Any reservations I had about the facial soon vanished when she asked about how I was feeling since my last spa treatment with her, and if I had noticed any improvements. She then said she’d take that into consideration during my facial with her. One spa service built on top of another.

I was impressed!

What to Expect

I removed my shirt and pulled my bra straps off my shoulders before sliding under the covers on the treatment table. Shortly after, Aoife came in and added some water to the steamer. The steam is used to help soften the plug of hardened sebum and make extractions easier.

Aoife wrapped a hairband over my hair so it would not get in the way of treatment.

After gently cleansing my face, Aoife began massaging it with an exfoliant. After which, a toner was applied to my skin to remove any residual dirt or makeup.

A warm, moist towel was used to wipe off each necessary stage.

Then came time for the extractions.

The Extractions

Extractions involve removing blackheads (also called comedones) and whiteheads from the skin either with the hands or with a metal tool.

With precision, Aoife targeted my problem areas – my t-zone: forehead, nose and chin.

She applied a Dermalogica® Age Smart cream to hydrate my skin, and ended with a rejuvenating facial massage. I was in heaven!

At the end of my facial, Aoife told me to touch my face. It felt AMAZING.

Facial Aftercare

  1. Exfoliate. Every 10 days is good.
  2. Wash skin twice a day.
  3. Use sunscreen.
  4. Moisturize at least twice a day.