Eyebrow Shapes for Your Face

By Noreen Farooqui

Eyebrows add definition to your facial features and are an important aspect in conveying emotion.

There’s no “perfect” face shape. As you can see from the examples in this blog post, each beautiful woman is distinct in her character, charm and appeal.

A suitable eyebrow shape for your face accentuates natural features.

Find out which shape is right for you:

Square Face: Angelina Jolie




Angelina’s got a square face. If you have a similarly shaped face, you want to soften the angularity with softly rounded brows.


Round Face: Kelly Clarkson



Add some definition to a round face with angled brows with a high arch.


Long Face: Liv Tyler



A long face stretches your features, so it’s important to play up horizontal features. One way to do this is by extending the tails of your eyebrows.


Heart-shaped Face: Jennifer Love Hewitt



A petite jawline emphasizes the upper portion of the face, so well-groomed brows are in order! You don’t want to go too thick or too thin. A well-defined shape will help balance the bottom half of the face.


Oval Face: Lucy Liu



An oval shaped face calls for a classically balanced eyebrow shape.


Whatever your face shape happens to be, you’ll look your best with the perfect brow shape for you.


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