First Time Brazilian Wax

No double dipping at Aroma Waxing Clinic - First Time Brazilian Wax in Toronto What to Expect Precautions and Finding a Suitable Spa in TO

Ever since Brazilian micro bikinis became popular, waxing the intimate parts of the body has become mandatory. This hair removal method is commonly known as the Brazilian wax. If you don’t know what you are going to get, a first time Brazilian wax can be a bit of a scary experience. Brazilian wax in Toronto is very popular and almost all spas offer this service. But, you should be careful and take a number of precautions to prepare for first time Brazilian wax.

How to Prepare for Your First Time Brazilian Wax

The skin in the pubic area is very delicate and waxing on those areas will be more painful than waxing on hands or legs. A painkiller half an hour before your first Brazilian wax can be a good option to lessen the pain.

Brazilian wax requires hair length of at least 0.25 inch otherwise the hair won’t get removed. Hair longer than 0.50 inch will be difficult to remove by waxing and it hurts. Typically, you should trim all the hair in the pubic area in a uniform length before applying wax. You can shave your pubic hair at least 3 weeks earlier so that the hair length is uniform at the time of waxing.


  • If you have psoriasis or diabetes, consult your doctor before booking a Brazilian wax
  • Many of us try waxing as home, but a Brazilian wax should be done by a trained professional
  • No matter what they say, there will be some pain. Prepare for it. It will hurt less over time
  • Don’t get a Brazilian wax during your period. Your skin will be more sensitive and waxing is not recommended
  • Sweating can clog the pores, so it is recommended that you avoid exercise for a couple of days before a wax
  • After a Brazilian wax, you need to protect your skin from the sun for at least 2 days. If you’re getting a Brazilian wax for a vacation, get one a few days before you leave


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