Laser: Is it worth it?

By Noreen Farooqui

Soprano XL Laser


Warm weather is here, and we hope it lasts until at least the fall! As we shed layer after layer of outerwear, many of us embrace the opportunity to bare more skin. Doing so with ease is a luxury some of us can ill afford.

Those of us with unwanted body hair must go through the sometimes time-consuming rituals of hair removal. With the chore of shaving so cumbersome, I once had to debate if an event and outfit were “shave worthy.”


My Hair Story

I started shaving my legs at 11, and then moved onto sugaring in my late teens. When news that laser was available and worked(!) on ethnic skin became known, I voraciously read on the available procedures and laser options, and consulted friends who endured treatments in their quest to rid their bodies of unwanted hair.

“It’s like a rubber band snapping against your skin,” said my friend Tina back in 2006.

Laser on her South Asian skin had been a success and she had moved on to her bikini area.

“Yeah, it’s totally worth the pain to not have to deal with hair and shaving anymore,” she encouraged.

I wasn’t convinced.

And so I waited and waited, and before long there came the Soprano XL laser and women of colour were giving it rave reviews.

Once again, I consumed the videos and voraciously read the literature before taking the plunge. Tina’s stories of painful laser treatments still haunted me so I went in for a laser hair reduction consultation.

My Laser Technician ensured me I was a good candidate and demonstrated the laser on the back of my hand… warm and PAINLESS!

Decided, I purchased a package of unlimited laser for one year for treatment on my full legs.


Laser Treatment

Naturally, I was apprehensive about my first treatment. My Laser Technician covered my legs with ultrasound gel (this makes the handheld laser device slide easier), and I rested on the table with the goggles she gave me placed over my eyes.

Then, she began. It was not what I expected. I felt an odd tingly sensation, like the beginning of a sunburn. Rapidly, she moved the laser device over my skin, and before I knew it, she was done!

As my skin became used to the laser over the next year, my Laser Technician increased the power level on the laser, making my hair more resistant to regrowth.


The Results?

Running my hands over my legs, I’d say about 97% of my hair has been reduced.

It’s been almost 2 years, and I don’t think twice about going outside in shorts. Even with the 3% of hair that’s left.

I’ve been recommending laser hair reduction and the Soprano XL to anyone and everyone. It’s saved so much time.

Looking back, I don’t think I’ve shown this much exposed skin since I was about 8 years old! It’s THAT amazing.


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