Manicured Nail Shapes

By Noreen Farooqui

Now that the sun is finally here and double digits are in the forecast for the rest of spring until the end of summer, we can be confident in tossing our gloves until the autumn and showing off our nails!

A few weeks ago, we posted a blog article entitled, “What Your Nail Colour Says About You.” Today, we want you to think about the shape you file your fingernails. How you file them can be just as important as the colour or design you put on them.

Naturally, we have finger lengths and nail beds that are unique to us. We can play with shapes and colours to accentuate our assets and sometimes achieve a desired look.

What kind of gal are you? Sporty? Fashionista? Femme Fatale? Your lifestyle will influence what’s most suited for you. As well, the time you can dedicate to maintaining your nails.

Here are current nail trends listed in order from low to high maintenance.

Girl Next Door


Nails: Cut short below the fingertips for better protection.

Suitable for: Everyone

Nail Polish: Short nails look great bare or painted one solid colour

Personality: You have a can-do attitude. Ready to roll-up your sleeves and take on the world. Busy, you don’t have time for chipped or broken nails, and enjoy higher activity sports and hobbies.



Oval Shape

Oval Nail Manicure

Nails: This is another low maintenance style where the sides of the nail are straightened and evened on both sides. Towards the top, a smooth arch is made. Both angles and free edge are shaped into the desired oval.

Suitable for: Everyone

Nail polish: You have more room on the nail bed to experiment with bright colour and funky designs. This nail is also feminine and good softer colours.

Personality: You are practical and independent, while chic and trendy. You have an easy-going attitude.



Aroma Squoval Nail Manicure

Nails: The squoval is a square shape along the length of the nails with the softer edges of an oval. This style works well with medium to long nails, and requires weekly maintenance.

Suitable for: Short, wide nail beds can benefit from this look as it elongates the nail. Other nail types enjoy this look as well.

Nail polish: Softer, more feminine colours and designs.

Personality: The squoval is great for the businesswoman who likes to add a touch of glam to her look.


Square Shape

Square Nail Manicure 

Nails: Well-defined structured edges. More maintenance is needed for this nail. Work on keeping the shape about once a week.

Suitable for: Longer nail beds.

Nail polish: French manicure. Detailed nail art designs.

Personality: Modern and sophisticated, the masculine edges show off a more aggressive personality that can be sexy and daring. This style is favoured by businesswomen and other leading ladies.



The Round


Nails: Round nail shape gives the illusion of a thinner nail bed which makes your fingers look elegant.

Suitable for: Large hands with wide nail beds.

Nail polish: Great for funky nail polish designs and bright colours. 

Personality: You are harmonious with a good nature.



The Almond


Nails: Rounded on the corners. Slightly pointed at the tips.

Suitable for: Short fingers.

Nail polish: With ample space on the nail bed, you can decorate to your heart’s content.

Personality: Classy and feminine. This shape appeals to a wide range of personalities.



The Stiletto


Nails: This spiky, tapered shape first made an appearance in Russia and has become common in Eastern Europe. It creates length and has a slendering effect on the hand. This is the most high maintenance nail style on our list.

Suitable for: Everyone

Nail polish: There’s more room on the nail bed for more detailed designs.

Personality: Daring, sexy, with an adventurous spirit, you seldom say no to a challenge.






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