Nail Polish Colour Psychology

By Noreen Farooqui



Red: For decades, this has traditionally been the most popular nail polish colour, and it’s easy to see why. Red is for the confident diva who demands attention with her daring, dramatic boldness and strength. She is flirtatious, yet sophisticated, a passionate, glamorous woman who loves the spotlight and has a good sense of adventure.

Pink: Personalities range along the shade spectrum. Those who opt for lighter shades tend to be feminine, chic, classy and composed with a flair for romance and sophistication. As you move on to darker and brighter shades of pink, the passion picks up with hot pinks exuding sexiness, boldness, and playfulness. This woman has a fun, spontaneous personality with a high degree of self-confidence.

Purple: A colour most often associated with royalty, purple nail colour ranges in shades and meanings. Softer shades like lilac communicate grace and femininity while bolder shades are enjoyed by more creative, confident, artistic and individualistic personalities.

Burgundy: If your nail polish preference is burgundy, you have a mature sophistication and enjoy a good challenge. You are sexy, sultry, a modern classic who is probably good in the boardroom, under the spotlight, negotiating deals and making bold business decisions.


Black: Wearing this nail colour has been traditionally associated with Goth culture. This is no longer the case, as it has become more popular among mainstream women who are powerful, creative, daring and rebellious.

Orange: Popular this spring, extroverts are attracted to this vibrant, attention-grabbing tropical colour. A woman who wears this colour is fun, creative, explorative, friendly and generous.

Green: A burst of colour that is soothing, safe, and calming while communicating peace, generosity and a connection to the earth. A woman who wears this colour is grounded.

Blue: An unusual nail colour choice, the wearer is often fun, experimental and has an active lifestyle with constant excitement.

Yellow: Happiness and energy are conveyed when you wear this colour. Women who wear yellow, tend to be cheerful, spontaneous and exude warm energy.

White: White signifies new beginnings, and changes in one’s life. A woman who wears this colour is confident, classic and elegant.


Grey: A woman who wears this nail colour is modernistic, cultured, and well-read.

French: A glamorous, yet conservative woman wears the traditional French manicure.

Neon: A woman who wears this colour loves to be in the spotlight. She is vivacious and talkative.

Gold: If you love metallics, especially the warm-kind, you are fashion-forward and stylish.

Cool Metallic – These shades are all the rage this season. A woman who wears these polishes is daring and courageous.

Glitter: Blinged-out nails are another hot trend this season. A woman who wears this attention grabbing polish, is bold and sophisticated.

Nude: A down-to-earth gal who loves the beach usually wears these polishes.



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