Shellac for Long-Lasting Nail Colour

By Noreen Farooqui

Shellac Nail Polish



Want long lasting nail colour that won’t chip and peel? With a dazzling array of hot summer shades, Aroma Wellness Clinic & Spa’s Shellac manicure may be what you’re looking for.


What is a Shellac Manicure?

Your nails are pampered and prepared like a regular manicure with a hand massage, cuticle oil treatment, buffing, filing etc. Then, comes time for the polish. Thin coats of Shellac polish are applied to your nails.  After each coat, your nails are placed under a UV lamp.


Benefits of a Shellac Manicure

  • Polish lasts from 14 days to a month
  • Smudge proof colour that dazzles

After 14 days of your Shellac manicure treatment, you will notice that new nail growth is visible and you may want to return to Aroma Wellness Clinic & Spa for a touch-up or new polish. Shellac nail colours will last up to a month though, so it’s up to your discretion.

When the top coat of your Shellac manicure is done, your manicure is completely dry. Your manicurist will give you a quick shine with a soft cloth and alcohol, and you’re set to go.


Are you a Good Shellac Candidate?

Your natural nails and nail beds must be healthy. That means no splitting, peeling or damaged nails.


Shellac Polish Removal

For best results, shellac polish removal must be done at a spa. We wrap your nails in an acetone solution with foil, and using your own body heat, the polish loosens.

Improper removal, such as peeling the Shellac polish on your own can result in nail and skin damage.


What are you waiting for? Book a Shellac Manicure at Aroma Wellness Clinic & Spa today!