Teen Waxing

Coming Soon!

waxcardsTeenIn recognition of Aroma’s younger customers, we now offer teens 17 and under, the Aroma Teen/Wax Card.

Going though your teens is difficult enough, so Aroma makes life a bit easier with our Wax Card. It’s specifically designed to cater to the waxing needs of teens and includes select services, special pricing and a Teen/Wax Card rewards program.

textThe Aroma Teen/Wax Card is another Aroma Waxing Clinic first.

Each of our locations offers a comfortable and inviting atmosphere where our guests are our highest priority. Our qualified Waxologists are specially trained to wax sensitive skin, can answer your questions and help put you at ease.

Aroma Waxing Clinic uses special cream-based wax that is custom made in Toronto and can be applied at body temperature.

What’s more, our locations are always offering the highest standards of hygiene in the industry.