Erin Bionda

I went for a Brazilian at Aroma today. Overall, great experience. I moved into the area and thought I would give it a shot because it was so close and I will definitely go back. Plus they give a complimentary eyebrow or underarm wax for new clients! I had Lisa who was was very quick (less than 15 mins) and did a very thorough job! I used to do sugaring and thought it was better at taking up little hairs but Lisa was very efficient. She was very friendly to talk to and made me feel completely at ease in an uncomfortable situation. Because I am paranoid, she reassured me that there was no double dipping and showed me all the wooden wax sticks she would use and throw them out immediately. The lobby was gorgeous and the the whole place seemed clean. The only thing that I wish was better was the sanitary paper liners for the waxing beds. I found them a little too narrow and thin for my liking… It would have felt cleaner with better liners. I think it’s sad when clients bash a spa in their reviews for allergic reactions to the wax… That has little to do with the spa’s performance and has to do with your own skin sensitivity. Overall, Aroma was a great find and I will be back in a month!