Kimberly Canada

I’ve heard some reviews of this new spa so I decided to give it a go. I’ve had my fair share of Brazilian waxes and there are no in-betweens; they’re either good or they’re horrible. Let me tell you, Aromas’s was AMAZING! My esthetician was khellen and she was incredible! First off the salon is so gorgeous, very feminine and well-kept, and mostly clean which is hard to come by in this city. The waxing process was super quick (less then 15 minutes which is so rare!) and painless. In my mind I wanted a waxer who is quiet and doesn’t engage in conversation, but Khellen was so kind and kept the conversation going so I didn’t even realize what was happening! Afterwards my skin was not even red one bit! I swear to god, the wax they use is magical! Not one bump, ingrown, or hair left, I left so amazed and I have my monthly appointment from now on! Khellen also recommended some other treatments specialized for me that I booked for next time as well. This place is a must try!! Thanks so much to everyone at Stript!