Pinky Canada

I rarely ever take the time to write reviews, but this place really deserves the recognition! Valentine’s Day is approaching so I thought I’d surprise my man with a sexy Brazilian wax! After searching for the best Brazilian wax in Toronto on Google, a link “Best waxing toronto $35 brazilian wax!” caught my eye and I discovered Aroma Wellness Clinic and Spa. Of course I was a little hesitant knowing that most places charge $50+ but the nowtoronto website that featured Aroma’s ads were very convincing, especially reading the specials and that they do it in 8 minutes! I then checked out Aroma’s official website and called for an appointment for my best friend and I one week before Valentine’s.

*TIP: visiting a spa’s official website is usually a good way to get a sense of the place and important info including specials!

Aroma is conveniently located near Bathurst Station, across from Honest Ed’s. When we got there, my best friend and I were a bit skeptical about the flight of stairs leading to the spa since it’s built over a store. I’ve been to a spa in Yorkville with a similar layout and it didn’t turn out too well. Luckily, as you walk up, you can truly understand the meaning behind the name as pleasant aromas meet you halfway. Receptionists were attentive and courteous – one even took our coats. We were a little early but were taken in shortly. It was my first time getting a Brazilian wax but I thank Mary for helping me make it a quick, almost painless experience by preoccupying me with her conversation and involving me in the process (ie, stretching the skin). She completed it in less than 10 minutes and got me wondering where the real pain was gonna kick in the whole time!

*TIP: Aroma’s website lists helpful tips, one of them being to take a Tylenol (I took Extra Strength!) about 30 minutes prior to your appointment – glad I did!

I will always recommend Mary (I believe she is the owner). She does about 20 Brazilian waxes a day and her record was 37 in one day, ironically for Valentine’s! She has assured me though that the other estheticians were rock stars (of waxing) and they all have at least 4-5 years experience if not more, or else they wouldn’t be able to work there!

We were there on Tuesday, February 7 and the price was amazing at LESS than $35 as you get 15% OFF wax services on Tuesdays and Wednesdays! Also, if you’re a first time waxer at their spa, you get to choose a FREE wax service: upper lip, underarm or bikini line. We both chose to get our upper lip waxed and even that was quick and smooth! I certainly compensated the price toward my tip! I am definitely coming back and will recommend this spa to anyone – man or woman!!