Prity C

Needed a new waxing place because I had a sneaking suspicion that my old one was way overpriced, plus it was always an ordeal that I put off since it could take upwards of forty minutes for a brazilian, and as we all know they aren’t the most pleasant of experiences to begin with. Sooo, I turned Google and saw the great recommendations for this cute little salon in the Annex. <br />
Turns out…I was impressed! Mary at Aroma was fast fast fast. The wax was relatively painless (they use Special custom-made wax), and still significantly cheaper than my old place! The receptionist is very friendly, and they’ve always been accomodating of my last minute appointment requests. Parking is easy nearby, and I’ve never had to wait long, in fact they’ve gotten me in early before. <br />
Aroma is my new go-to waxing stop! It’s seriously a revelation that brazilians can be so quick and non-torturous.