Rachel F

I booked a facial here today after finally having enough of the damage this winter & my hormonal issues have caused my skin. I originally thought I would need the Medibac facial – but after doing a skin analysis the esthetician, Peta, suggested the Signature instead with a focus on hydration. I was nervous about this as I tend to be breakout prone – but figured I’d trust her. After all, my “regimen” of bar soap and neutrogena clearly hasn’t been working. Peta was very reassuring and professional. She even expressed an impressive awareness of hormonal/adrenal related acne. She didn’t shame me for my poor skin quality as some estheticians do – but instead gently offered some helpful tips and suggestions. She also did the Dermalogica face mapping… and I decided to buy the moisturizer she suggested. She gave me a free sample of the cleanser too – and I’ll probably pick it up later 🙂 I used Dermalogica as a teen so I am quasi-familiar with the line. Although that was many years ago I remember liking their products, so I am happy to have some professional guidance back into them. I will say that one of the products did burn like hell at first- but I didn’t want to say anything at the time. Partly because I thought maybe it was supposed to burn, and partly because I didn’t want to be a nag. I guess I should have mentioned it. The spa itself is very clean and has a great cozy atmosphere. All in all a great place and I recommend it to those who want professional spa services without all the gimmicky pretenses. I will be returning for sure 🙂