15 Minute Brazilian Wax

So you think you want to try the Brazilian Wax?  


sugarin1gAs your first time at Aroma you may experience some nervous apprehension and that’s okay. As you wait anxiously for your turn, you see your Waxologist as she approaches you with a big grin. She asks if you are nervous and immediately makes you feel welcome and calm. She then guides you into one of the private rooms and kindly asks you to disrobe then hop on the bed face up and cover yourself. 

It may seem quiet in the room, but if you listen, you will hear the sounds of laughter and chatter around you along with the radio tuned into some hip hop, country, or today’s greatest hits…none of that boring elevator music.

Aroma Waxing Clinic has several waxing rooms that are booked from early morning to late evening! And the thing about being at Aroma is you will often run into lots of people you may know coming in for their regular waxing appointments. As well, you will notice that when each client arrives it's like an old friend has come in for a visit…the client and waxer are delighted to see one another, and the chatter is non-stop as they catch up on the gossip from their last visit.

Because waxing is what we do all day long here at Aroma, in particular the Brazilian wax , you will find your service quick and efficient.  It won't be as bad as you were lead to believe! No forty year old virgin mishaps here!!  There is definitely an "ouch" factor, but its no worse than the nicks you get shaving, or the ingrown hairs caused from shaving.

15 minutes and voila! You are fresh and flawless. Your waxologist again leaves the room with a set of easy instructions to follow on clean up and before you know it, you are paying your bill AND booking your next appointment.


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