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The 15 Minute Brazilian Wax

The 15-Minute Brazilian WaxSo you think you want to try our Brazilian Wax? You’ve considered it. It’s time to give it a try. It’s smooth, sexy and it definitely beats shaving!When you come in for your first time at Aroma Waxing Clinic, you may experience some nervous apprehension. That’s okay. As you wait anxiously for […]

Waxing is hygienic

Waxing Is Hygienic

Is it our vanity that lures us into going hair-free? Nah, hair removal has been around for centuries! Main reason? Hygiene. Pubic hair collects germs that can lead to bad odours. No one wants to smell foul, especially down there. As well, coarse pubic hair can attract moisture, resulting in skin irritations. Waxing your pubes […]

What is Finipil?

  finipil is a scientifically approved, patented, FDA registered OTC antiseptic made by Equibal Labs which is applied on clients after and in between hair removal services. This antiseptic cream destroys 99.999% of bacteria and cools and soothes the skin while protecting the empty hair follicle. Kills 99.999% of germs Reduces redness Replaces cataphoresis Dermatologist […]

hair growth

Q & A: What Are the Tiny Hairs I feel After a Wax?

    During waxing, all the surface hair is removed and unlikely to have broken in the process. When you wax, hair is removed from the root. From the diagram, you can see hair in the anagen (growth) phase. That is, the hair immediately beneath the skin that’s getting ready to emerge to the skin’s […]

male chest hairless

To Manscape or Not To Manscape?

If you think only metrosexuals, gay men, or triathletes choose to go totally bare down there, think again. Hairlessness among men is surging in popularity for all types of guys, from gay to straight, and from ultra conservative to liberal, according to a recent Toronto article. Men are losing it, from their chest to their […]

Male body waxing

Male Body Waxing (Manscaping) is No Longer Foreign Territory

Manscaping: a word coined to describe the grooming or removal of hair from both above and below the belt is surging in popularity. David Beckham’s declaration that he maintains hairless nether regions and Matthew McConaughey’s hairless chest in the film Magic Mike is testimony that male waxing is no longer foreign territory. Whether spouses are […]

Aroma waxing Clinic eyebrow powder

Brow Powders Add Definition

Get soft, sultry, sexy eyebrows with brow powders. Our powders are water resistant and mineral oil-free. Rich formulation (enriched colour per powder particle) results in an all-natural look. It’s your secret. No one will ever know you have powder on. Your eyebrows say a lot about you. Women around the world know that brow definition […]

Waxing 101: FAQs

  Why do people wax? The reasons are truly personal. An interest in enhancing intimate pleasure, being more hygienic, an improved appearance, sports benefits for athletes, etc. People find that beautifully smooth skin is easier to maintain and more comfortable than shaving every day, not to mention worrying about that unattractive razor stubble. What areas […]