Brazilian Wax Etiquette




Ahhh, the life of a Brazilian Waxologist. There’s never a dull moment. We’ve seen thousands of vaginas, and received just as many questions about the process of this popular technique.

While we love getting you hair-free and silky smooth, there are some etiquette rules we’d love for you to follow:

Brazilian hair length

Before you book your Brazilian waxing appointment, ensure that your hair will be the appropriate hair length for a wax.

A good hair length is between ¼ and ½ an inch. If it’s too short, there’s a risk of not all the hair coming out, resulting in patches. If it’s too long, it’ll not only hurt more as more hair means more pulling, but again, there’s the risk of hair not being removed. Also, when we have to repeatedly wax due to long hair, it increases the “ouch” factor.

A 4-5-week schedule for your Brazilians is ideal.


Bathe before your appointment.

It’s common courtesy. Your Waxologist is going to get up close and personal with your vagina, so it’s best to come in as clean as possible. Trust us, it’ll be more comfortable for everyone.


See those wet wipes on the counter? They’re for you. Use them before your treatment.

Freshen up your treatment area – your vagina and your bum. Wipe from front to back, and please be thorough. Use as many wipes as you deem necessary. There’s no such thing as too many.


No sex before your Brazilian treatment.

We can tell when you’ve just had sex. It’s exciting, we understand. Getting a Brazilian can be a turn-on. But…we don’t need want to deal with your lover’s fluids during your Brazilian.


Brazilian on your period? Call ahead.

Yes, it’s possible to have a Brazilian wax while on your period, but we don’t recommend it. While we do our best to ensure your comfort, when you’re menstruating you are at your most sensitive time of month.

It’s up to your Waxologist’s discretion whether she wants to do a Brazilian wax on you.

Call Aroma ahead at 416-505-2222, and we’ll answer any questions you may have.


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