Every Glamorous Girl Wants to be Smooth and Hair-Free

Are you ready to throw away your razors and be free of razor bumps forever? Call us today and feel smooth and sexy!

Waxing is serious business and every glamorous girl wants to be smooth and hair-free but it’s always been something that I dread. Not only do I have to spend at least two weeks pre wax with my ‘lawn’ looking questionably ‘prickly’, but I then have to endure what I can only describe as torture to come out looking rather red, feeling slightly stressed, and more than a tad tender. However, shaving just doesn’t cut it (excuse the pun). So what’s a girl to do?

When I agreed to test out Aroma Waxing Clinic I was a little nervous to say the least. I also realized, as I made my way there, that my outfit was totally wax inappropriate. I was wearing rather skimpy shorts and therefore setting myself up to reveal to the world my post wax lobster legs. Not ideal.

However, my experience at Aroma Waxing Clinic was like no other. Plucked chicken; bye bye. Deliciously smooth peach; hello.

A bit about them first. The business was established in 2008 in Toronto to say goodbye to painful waxes that left you unable to walk in a straight line.

It’s not your average pink salon. The building is conveniently located (near the subway line Bloor and Bathurst) with modern touches and upbeat music; I felt slightly like I was in a cool salon, but still with my follicles awaiting pain (or so I thought). Moreover the therapists were really friendly and hygiene obsessive – ‘Smooth Operators’.

I boldly booked myself in for a Brazilian & Leg Wax, with nowhere to hide. My wax took 20 minutes and was honestly – and I have a very low pain threshold – 95% pain-free. Moreover, at $35 for a full Brazilian wax and $24 for half a leg, it was not a super hair-raising cost for a central Toronto salon.

TOP TIP: Take two Tylenol half an hour before your wax and don’t be nervous, it’s AMAZING and honestly, almost pain-free.

RATE OVERALL EXPERIENCE: 10 out of 10, no questions asked! The therapists were friendly, and my wax was efficient, tidy and almost pain-free. Think leg acrobatics, follicle extractions and bespoke shaping to achieve a totally flawless finish.

INTERESTNG FACT: So far they have pruned and waxed over one 300.000 bushes in Toronto. Impressive huh!?

Moreover, Aroma Waxing Clinic has two great locations – the Annex / Korean town (Bloor and Bathurst) – and the trendy  – Yonge and Eglinton (Yonge & Davisville 2 blocks north of Davisville) – which fits the salon’s quirky and upbeat vibe.

So stop beating around the bush (pun intended) and go get a Brazilian Wax. Hairless really does mean happiness.

The Brazilian Wax is available for only $35 and you can book your appointment online

P.S Apologies for those who don’t live in or near the capital, but this place was just too good not to review! Even if you can’t visit I strongly suggest a sneaky trip to www.aromawcs.ca.


Caitlin Dufoe

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