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The Soprano XL 

The Soprano XL

The Soprano XL is a safe, comfortable laser hair removal system for all skin tones.

You’ll get to visit our wellness clinic and spa, and meet your laser technician where you can ask all the questions about laser treatments you want. 

Aroma Wellness Clinic offers specially priced packages on Laser Hair Removal, that allow you to conveniently schedule appointments so there’s no shaving in-between!

How to Prepare for Your First Visit

  • Because hair grows in three stages over approximately 6 weeks, it is important that you do not pluck, wax or do any electrolosis to the treatment area during that time. We want to target the hair during optimal growth so that the laser can run a current down the follicle and kill the root
  • Shave the area you want laser treatment on the day of the appointment

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