Laser on Ethnic Skin

By Noreen Farooqui



Dear Aroma,

I think I’m ready for a more permanent method of hair removal, I am South Asian and have a lot of body hair, but my skin is darker and I’m afraid it will hurt.

My friend got some laser procedures done and she said it was like a rubber band snapping against her skin. This was years ago, and she is South Asian.

What can I expect and how long will it take to work?




Hi Sonia,

At Aroma Wellness Clinic & Spa, we use the latest in laser hair technology, the Soprano XL.

Laser technology has advanced to the point that it’s effective to use on all skin tones including South Asian and Black.

In terms of pain, this varies on individual sensitivity with some guests experiencing mild discomfort, and others not feeling anything at all.

Laser hair removal is the most effective method of permanent hair reduction. It works by penetrating deep into the dermis where the hair follicle is located. The energy absorbed by the melanin in the hair causes heat injury, preventing further growth. While the sapphire tip on the hand piece provides contact cooling to the epidermis, preventing superficial heat injury.

In order to prepare for laser hair removal, we request that you shave the treatment area prior to your appointment, preferably the day of. Gel is applied to your treatment area, making it easier for the laser device to slide against your skin.

Typically, it takes 8-12 visits for laser hair reduction.

Aroma Wellness Clinic & Spa offers a free laser consultation. Here,  you meet with your laser hair technician and ask all the questions you want.

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