Male Body Waxing (Manscaping) is No Longer Foreign Territory

Male body waxing

Manscaping: a word coined to describe the grooming or removal of hair from both above and below the belt is surging in popularity. David Beckham’s declaration that he maintains hairless nether regions and Matthew McConaughey’s hairless chest in the film Magic Mike is testimony that male waxing is no longer foreign territory.

Whether spouses are to thank for the nudge, or it’s personal preference for a cleaner, tidier feel, waxing salons are reporting 25-30 percent increases in the number of male clientele requesting hair removal treatments.

Remember Steve Carell’s chest waxing scene in the 2005 movie The 40 Year Old Virgin? We all laughed, but appreciated the painful reality that a little manscaping goes a long way.

Our own empirical evidence suggests that men of all ages, shapes, sizes, and sexual orientations are requesting waxing services for varied reasons.

At Aroma Waxing Clinic, our most popular waxing services for men are the back, chest, butt, brows and male Brazilian. In fact, we held a special training session after getting several inquiries about male waxing services below the belt. It’s a service that not a lot of salons in the area offer but a service we provide in a highly professional environment.

The following are the top four reasons why men get waxed:

Athletic Demands: Swimmers, cyclists, wrestlers, weight lifters and surfers prefer that certain regions of the body remain hairless either for safety or aesthetic reasons.

Waxing Lasts Longer than Shaving: Shaving is a total inconvenience and because the hair is cut from the shaft, shaving only lasts two days at best before the hair grows back thicker. Repeated waxing or sugaring makes the hair grow back much more thinly and the occurrence of ingrown hair diminishes significantly. With waxing, the hair grows back in 3-4 weeks, making it a much more convenient hair removal method for men.

Cleaner, Smoother Look and Feel: Many men feel much sexier, cleaner and hygienic sans a hairy chest or nether regions.

Encouragement from Spouses and Significant Others: Let’s face it, hairless body parts can do wonders in the intimacy department. Who doesn’t appreciate a man who takes the time to look and feel good?