Hydrating Spring Salt Glow with Massage

IMG_1891It’s time to shed the cocoon and get ready for soft smooth skin. If you skimped on visits or neglected your body during winter, there’s no time like the right now to prepare your body for its Spring 2014 debut, and a salt glow treatment with massage is the perfect way to do it.

What Is A Salt Glow Treatment?

First we have you brought to your own private room where you can leave all your things and place your robe and spa slippers on and continue to our body treatment room. Once in the body treatment room we supply you with disposable underwear and shower cap. Once above the heated blanket and covered with a disposable sheet the skin therapist enters the room to begin with your full body exfoliation. We begin with the back, exfoliating lightly around sensitive areas and more where there is dead skin, then the legs, and continue with the front of the body including the stomach, legs, arms and upper chest until all dead skin is completely removed. After the full body exfoliation a warm rain shower is ready for you to remove the salt from the body and pat dry the skin for your next service, THE MASSAGE! You are then brought back into your private room where the skin therapist begins a full body 30min massage with holly oil to really penetrate into the skin.

Say good bye to the winder blues and Hello to our Hydrating Spring Salt Glow with Massage
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Say good bye to the winder blues and Hello to our Hydrating Spring Salt Glow with Massage
The main purpose of the salt glow is exfoliation! This is the ideal post-winter treatment, and a spa favorite. Sea salt -- a great natural exfoliate because of its coarse granules - is usually combined with a base oil, organic holly oil and essential oils are added for their therapeutic benefits. We add a touch of Lavender for its calming properties.