Spray Tanning for a Sun-Kissed Glow

Dear Aroma,

The sun is taking its sweet time making an appearance for spring in Toronto, so I’ve had only a few days to bask in the sun’s glow and it’s almost May and I still have doughy white skin!

Can you tell me about your spray tanning? I’ve never tried it, and don’t want to turn a weird orange colour.


Thanks so much!



Aroma Spray Tan

Dear Irene,

Thanks for your message and question.

Since the 1960s, spray tanning has been offered as an alternative to tanning outdoors as the risk of UV exposure and skin cancer became widely known.

As such, your dermatologist will thank you for considering the safer option of spray tanning.

When you arrive at Aroma Wellness Clinic & Spa, you will consult with our Tanning Technician about the look you want to achieve. Your Technician will customize a solution based on your desires and apply the tan as a fine mist to your skin. Within minutes you’ll have a beautiful sun-kissed glow!

Say goodbye to spending hours baking under the sun, Aroma’s spray tans can be applied within 15 minutes and lasts up to 10 days. Think of it as semi-permanent make-up. What’s more, you can have spray-tanned skin ALL YEAR ROUND!

In order to prepare for your tanning visit, we encourage you to exfoliate your skin to keep it looking fresh and healthy. Do not wear make-up or moisturizer to your treatment session.



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