Therapeutic Swedish Massage

By Noreen Farooqui

When you think of massage, Swedish massage is the one likely to come to mind, as it is the most popular massage in the West. In fact, most other massages are based on Swedish massage. It’s so popular that Swedish massage is often referred to as the “classic massage.”

Swedish Massage 


Swedish Massage Benefits

Massage is a mind-body experience that relaxes the mind and the body. It’s beneficial for increasing levels of oxygen in the blood while improving circulation and reducing pain and joint stiffness. It also eases tension by decreasing the stress hormone cortisol as well as arginine vasopressin, a hormone that can lead to increases in cortisol.


What is Swedish Massage?

This classic massage is based on the Western concepts of anatomy and physiology. Your skin is lubricated using oils or lotions to warm the muscle tissue, allowing your Massage Therapist to effectively perform the five massage strokes used in this technique:

Effleurage: A circular stroking movement made with the palm of the hand. Knots and tension get broken with this method

Petrissage: Kneading the muscles of the body with thumbs and knuckles for deeper massage penetration.

Tapotement: Rapid and repeated tapping of the body with either the fists (like karate chops) or using the fists. This helps to loosen and relax muscles.

Friction: Rubbing against skin. Sometimes the Massage Therapist will rub her palms first to create heat, then transfer the energy onto your skin while moving her hands to further produce friction. The heat promotes relaxation of the muscles for deeper massage.

Vibration: Your Massage Therapist will literally shake you using a back and forth action of the fingertips or the heel of the hand over the skin. This will loosen and relax muscles.


Your Massage

Before your massage, your Massage Therapist will ask about injuries or conditions. Let her know of any pain, discomfort or conditions such as pregnancy.

You’ll also have the opportunity to let your Massage Therapist if you’d like light or firm pressure during your massage.

Wear no clothing, or as little clothing as you feel comfortable. Your Massage Therapist is trained in draping techniques so that only the area being treated will be exposed. When you switch from lying face down to face up, your Massage Therapist will hold the sheet covering you up, while looking away and instruct you to change sides.

Swedish Massage is popular throughout the world and an effective method of treating physical pain and stress.

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