Wax On! Aroma Waxing Tips




  1. Make sure hair is at least ¼ inch in length. Anything less, and the wax may adhere to skin, resulting in bruises.
  1. Keep skin free of oils, lotions, deodorant or any other topical application before you arrive for your treatment.
  1. Take an aspirin 30 minutes before your waxing appointment. It’ll kick in in time for your wax.
  1. Avoid caffeine for a few hours before your treatment.
  1. Arrive at Aroma 10-15 minutes before your appointment to ensure you are relaxed and ready to go for your wax.
  1. Book your wax between 3-5pm. Your pain threshold is higher during this time of day.


  1. Aroma’s Waxologists will chat with you during your treatment. It’ll get your mind off your wax, and make for a more pleasant experience.


  1. After getting a bikini wax, make sure to wear full panties to avoid skin irritation.
  1. Avoid working out after a wax to prevent sweating and clogging your pores.

10. Stay out of the sun after a wax. Your treatment area will be more susceptible to burning.


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