We Need to Talk About Underarm Hair

By Noreen Farooqui

Underarm Hair Removal


This summer’s latest body grooming trend is for women to grow out their underarm hair. Some consider it a way of protesting societal beauty standards. Others, of going “au natural.”

Along with letting it grow, dying underarm hair is another way of personalizing and styling what was once considered taboo.

Men are often in a quandary about what to do with their own underarm hair too. Shave it off? Trim? Let it grow?

Read on. Aroma’s got the answers.


History of underarm hair

For centuries, underarm hair for women was not a concern. Women’s fashions covered up most of their body hair, and few gave little thought to the subject.

As fashions evolved and clothing styles started to reveal more skin, attitudes began to shift.

In 1915, Gillette introduced the first razor designed for women. Gillette, along with aggressive advertising campaigns saw more and more women purchasing the products and by the 1960s removing underarm hair with razors for women became the norm in many North American households.

In the past few years, “manscaping” has become a popular term, where men are seeing the benefits of removing body hair to flaunt their physique, improve sport performance, and to deal with sweating and body odour.


What to do about underarm hair

Grooming of underarm hair is much like a bikini wax. Some people prefer removal from just the panty line, others prefer a bit more removal with a high bikini wax, and some prefer to go completely bare with a Brazilian wax.

Like your bikini hair, hair under your arms requires some grooming.

If you choose to keep some armpit hair, keep it trimmed to a reasonable length. Wearing a short sleeve shirt and having some hair peeking out can be unacceptable in certain social situations.


Benefits of grooming your underarm hair

When you remove hair under your arms, you will sweat less and therefore smell better.

The most efficient way of dealing with sweat and body odour under the arms is to remove all hair from the area.


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