What is better for you, Waxing or Shaving?

There are many reasons to wax instead of shave so I wanted to take the time to write down some of the most important that each lady and gent out there should know.

Even though shaving might seem like a fast alternative that can be done anywhere and is cost effective, it also results in such things as unsightly ingrowns & razor burn. We will be discussing the Pros and Cons and for each so that you will be fully informed and can decide which is best for you.



  1. Shaving will always be the fastest but when it comes to long lasting hair removal, waxing has it beat by a long shot. After shaving stubble come back as early as same day.
  2. Cost effective: I’m not going to lie shaving is the most cost effective, all you need is a razor, soap and shower or bathtub…that’s it!
  3. Cutting yourself: Anyone who has shaved regularly knows what I’m talking about, it just takes a second of you in thought or in a rush to get that Knick. This can also result in scaring.
  4. Ingrowns: Yup! The #1 reason why most switch from shaving to waxing. When waxing the hair is removed from the root, so when it grows back its thinner, finer, and less of it! Yesssss!
  5. Hyperpigmentation: This is a result when areas of skin become darker than the rest. This can happen due to excessive shaving and removal of skin in an area depending on your skin type. This will not happen with waxing, happy days 😊



  1. Lasts much longer: where shaving is quick, waxing may take a slightly longer time (all depends on your waxologist), most clients return after 4-5 weeks for there next appointment, yayyyyyy!
  2. Removal of dead dry skin (Exfoliation): Waxing is the best way not only to remove unwanted hair but also removes all dead dry skin to show a beautiful hairless glow look. After a wax service your waxologist will apply a aloe hydrating lotion for your complete smooth and sexy look.
  3. Hair begins to grow less and eventually stops in areas: The best part! That’s right the more you wax the less hair you will have. Each time we wax you the cells of the hair must work extremely hard to regrow and create the hair follicle for the next cycle. As times go on, the more you wax…. the less hair you will have.
  4. Hair regrowth is thinner: After waxing the hair regrowth is much thinner so you see less hair, in turn you can go even longer until you next wax. PLUS! PLUS!
  5. Smooth & Sexy finish: After hair removal the skin in left super smooth and silky soft, especially because it has been removed from the root and dead skin removed along with it.
  6. No more Pigmentation!: That’s right, when hair is removed from the root there is no knicks or shaving accidents that can result in any pigmentation.
  7. See ya itchy and scratchy: This is another big complaint from shavers. Right after shaving the skin becomes very itchy, which in turn makes you scratch the area sometimes leaving it very irritated.
  8. Lots of waxing options to choose from: Not all waxes are made alike, there are hard wax, soft wax, sugar wax, on & on. What I have found is the best type of wax is best when used at a lower temperature to ensure no burning but also allow large area coverage for a faster and easier waxing experience. This of course is a preference, take your time and see which suits you best.
  9. Time saver: Instead of shaving every day or 2, you simply come in once and return in 4-5 weeks for your next visit, easy peasy!
  10. Ba-bye Ingrowns: When the hair is removed from the root it is less likely to have unsightly ingrowns.
  11. First time waxing (ouchy): Ok, the first time isn’t so fun, but I promise you after your first wax the rest is smooth sailing.




Is waxing better than shaving……absolutely! by choosing waxing over shaving you are saying yes to smoother, long lasting hair removal results.

Ready to make the switch? Come in anytime to see one of you talented professional waxologist, receive a complimentary wax on your first visit (under arm, upper lip, or bikini line FREE!)




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