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Before you book your next appointment at Aroma Waxing Clinic for a Toronto bikini wax: standard bikini wax, high bikini wax or Brazilian wax, it’s important that you understand the waxing techniques that are available to you. Consider if you want to remove all the hair down there, or if you only wish to remove the hair from specific areas.

Looking for a cheap Brazilian wax, bikini wax or high bikini wax? You’ve got affordable options at Aroma Wellness Spa and Clinic. What’s more, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, you get 15% off all spa services. Come in for the best bikini wax in Toronto! Our guests have told us that we offer the best Brazilian wax in Toronto.

Brazilian Wax – Aromas Signature Wax

Remove all the hair from the entire area or, leave a design up top. Where nothing gets left behind front and back except for a sexy design if you so dare to be bare.

Choose from our fun Menu: Landing Strip, Mohawk, Martini Glass, Bermuda Triangle, Postage stamp, or no design. Choose a full Brazilian wax when you’ll wear a Brazilian cut bikini, and you don’t want to have any visible hair.

Bikini Wax

Choose this technique when you wish to only have the hair removed that’s outside your panty or bikini line.

Most women choose the standard bikini wax when they just want a quick removal of their hair (like a touch-up, rather than a total Brazilian wax), or when they’re having a bikini wax for the first time. A little bit off the sides and the top…neat & tidy

High Bikini Wax:

Thong-ready waxing leaving barely anything except for a patch and on the labia. The hair is not removed from front to back; just the frontal hair is removed.

Once you know which type of Brazilian waxing technique you’d like, you can tell your Waxologist, and you’ll be confident that you’re speaking the same language that she is.

Eyebrows $8
Upper lip $5
Side burns $12
Cheeks $5
Neck (front or back) $5
Chin $5
Full face $26
Ears $9
Nose $5
Upper Body
Full Stomach $15
Stomach strip $9
Full back $28
Lower back $12
Upper back $12
Full arms w/hands $25
Half arms $17
Under arms $12
Hands $10
Chest $12
Lower Body
Brazilian Bikini $35
High Bikini $20
Bikini $15
Bum Cheeks $10
Bum Cheeks and Crack $15
Full Legs w/Toes $36
Upper Legs $30
Lower Legs w/Toes $26

For him

Forehead $10
Eyebrows $8
Ears $9
Nose $8
Neck (front or back) $12
Upper Body
Full Back $39
Shoulders $12
Upper Back $19
Lower back $21
Underarms $12
Full Arms w/Hands $28
Half arms $19
Hands $10
Chest $36
Full Stomach $20
Stomach Strip $14
Lower Body
Manzilian $55
Sac and Crack $25
Bum Cheeks and Crack $15
Bum Cheeks $10
Full Legs w/Toes $39
Upper Legs $29
Lower Legs w/Toes $29

We know what we’re doing. With us, you’re in safe hands. Literally.
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