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Women's waxing at Aroma

The Brazilian Wax.

Our #1 Requested Service

Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Go Bare.

Get completely smooth with everything off from front to back including labia and in-between.

If you'd prefer to get creative, you can have a little something shaped into a design all your own! Choose from a range of styles on our menu.Brazilians

Best Brazilian waxing in Toronto! According to our guests.


High Bikini Wax

Let's bring some sexy to the bedroom or at the beach! We take off a little more off the top than a traditional bikini so there will be NO bikini hair mishaps.



Tidy up the bikini line with this easy and fast wax. Hair is removed at the sides of the panty line, and a little off the top to make it look bikini line perfect!



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Reg. Price
Reg. Price
Reg. Price
Full Body*
Reg. Price

*Does not include Bikini Area

Your First Time & What You Can Expect

How to prepare for your first time wax:

  • Please make sure to gently exfoliate the desired wax area to get the best results of your Brazilian wax.
  • DO NOT SHAVE for 2-3 weeks, the hair must be long enough to wax. The perfect ideal hair length should be longer than a quarter of an inch (grain of rice).
  • IF the hair is longer than an inch please trim the hair, as we do not offer trimming services.
  • First Brazilian wax? We know: it's kind of scary. It's a sensitive area, so you're not going to go to just any waxing spa. Rest assured, you've come to the right place.

Aroma Waxing Clinic is the place to go for a Toronto bikini wax. We're a premiere waxing salon. Read what our clients have to say about their Brazilian waxing experience, and you'll understand why.

We do over 1,000 Brazilian waxes each month! Waxing is what we do, all day long, so we promise – you'll be in great hands.

Our customers have even described services like our Brazilian wax as a life altering experience. There is an attractive freedom about removing unwanted hair that enhances all aspects of your life.

Say goodbye to stubble and dark shave shadows on your underarms, and hello to smoother, sexier skin. Whether you come in for an eyebrow, leg, or bikini wax, your confidence will soar to new heights. You can put your best self forward in the bedroom or in the boardroom.

Our menu outlines our amazingly affordable prices for each and every individual hair removal service.

Get perfectly defined eyebrows in minutes. Aroma's estheticians sculpt your eyebrows to suit the shape of your face.
Say goodbye to hairy sideburns. Get smooth, touchable skin in minutes.
Get nose appeal with a wax that'll improve your look.
You'll want to keep those smooches coming after you get a cheek wax at Aroma.
Pucker up. After a lip wax at Aroma, you'll realize your lips were made for kissing. Lower lip or upper lip? Have one done or both!
Take off all your chin hair, and shine like the powerhouse you are!
Get a long, glamorous movie-star-looking neck when you remove hair from the front/back.
Defined eyebrows, smooth sideburn areas and cheeks, hairless nose, and whiskers be-gone! Your face will go from furry to smooth in one treatment session.
Give them something to talk about. Bare your sexy hairless shoulders to the world.
Rock your toned muscles with a full arm treatment.
Fuzz on the arms? Shoulder to elbow or elbow to fingers, we'll leave you silky smooth in minutes.
Turn hairy paws to delicate beauties with a hand and finger wax.
Hands up darlings! Confidence comes with scare-free uh, hair-free underarms.
Get bikini body ready with a stomach wax.
A treasure trail of hair is a no-no for ladies! Let us take care of that strip from your belly button down to your waistline.
Get a sexy back from the bottom of your neck to your waistline.
Taunt and tease by flaunting just a hint of your sexy back. From the bottom of the neck to the mid-back, we'll wax enough to make them drool.
Crop top? Show off your mid-back to your waistline with a lower back wax.
Dare to be bare! Front to back with a bum strip too. Prefer a design? Choose your favourite, and Aroma's Waxologists will sculpt your pubic hair into your desired look.
Hair-free is carefree! We wax more off the top and sides, for a sexier look.
We clean up your panty line (thighs and lower stomach), so that no hairs are visible.
Run hands over a sexier backside with a bum cheek wax!
Get smooth with hair-free bum cheeks and everything gone between your crack.
We'll remove hair for a smooth, sexy and hygienic look.
Get Va va vavoom legs in minutes! Add definition to your legs with a full leg wax so that they look like they go on and on.
For a sexy silhouette, get smooth from knees to thighs.
Toned calves standout with a lower leg wax!
Keep your tender tootsies groomed and pampered with a wax!
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