4 Things to Know Before Body Sugaring

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What is Body Sugaring?

Body sugaring is a natural way to remove hair that uses sugar, lemon, and water paste. The paste is put on the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth and then quickly pulled off. It removes the sugar paste, pulls out unwanted hair, and gathers dead skin cells. Unlike wax, body sugar lets the hair be pulled out in the direction it grows, which means less pain and breakage. Because there are no sticks or strips, it is cleaner and wastes less.

Waxing and Sugaring

Waxing can burn your skin if the mixture is too hot, especially in sensitive places. Sugaring is a gentler way to get rid of hair because the paste doesn’t stick to your skin, just the hair. It keeps the area from getting too red and sore during the process. The sugar paste is also more flexible than wax, letting it get to the root.

Sensitive Skin

Sugaring is completely safe for all skin types, even if your skin is very sensitive. Overall, Sugaring is easier on your skin than waxing. Unlike waxing, Sugaring only pulls the hair out of the follicle and doesn’t affect the skin’s surface. Hot wax or resins stick to the hair and the skin. When removed, they take skin cells with them, making it less likely that hairs at the surface will break off.

Is Sugaring Hygienic?

Sugaring is the cleanest way to get rid of hair available to consumers right now. Bacteria can’t grow in places with much sugar, so there is no chance of contamination. Sugaring professionals always use one ball of sugar per area, even though they don’t worry about growing harmful bacteria.

Is Body Sugaring Safe?

Professionals at Aroma Spa also always wear gloves. This glove and sweet sugar ball are then thrown away, and a new glove and sweet sugar ball are put in their place. Unlike waxing, Sugaring Toronto doesn’t leave any room for mess or dirt because you can’t “double-dip” a stick into a pot.

Is Sugaring Painful?

Everyone is different, and your experience will depend on how your hair grows, how thick it is, where it is in its growth cycle, and how often you come in for a sugar session. But at Aroma Spa, we want to make the whole thing fun and easy for everyone. You may have been afraid of hair removal in the past, whether you’re a man or a woman. However, we take pride in being the closest thing to a pain-free hair removal service. Free service to get rid of hair

Until When Sugaring is Painful

At First, Sugaring is painful. After three visits, 80% of the pain is gone. Thinner, softer hairs make shaving easier. Body sugaring doesn’t hurt, but you should try it to be sure. We won’t pull out big chunks of hair at once, and its fine to go slowly at first. We remember your first time, Sugaring, so we’re here to help others.

Waxing Disadvantages:

  • The wax is hotter, irritating, or burning the skin.
  • The hair is pulled in the opposite direction of growth, which can break hairs (causing ingrown) and inflame follicles.
  • When the hair is pulled out completely, it is not lubricated as it leaves the skin, irritating.
  • Wax is stickier than sugar and often pulls off living and dead skin cells.
  • Wax can harden if it is left on the skin

4 Common Myths about Sugaring

You’ve probably heard many myths about Sugaring by now, so we’ve whittled down the list to help you learn the truth and put your mind at ease. Here are our top 4 Sugaring myths!

After Sugaring, Your Skin Will Be Sticky

It dissolves in water, sugar paste is much easier to clean up than wax. Since wax has resins that you can only take off with oil, people often feel sticky after getting waxed. Sugar is easy to wash off with water so that you won’t feel sticky after treatments.

You’ll feel clean, smooth, and hair-free when you leave.

Sugaring Is Not Hygienic

Bacteria can’t grow in places where there is much sugar. Even though we don’t have to worry about increasing harmful bacteria, we do everything we can to keep cross-contamination from happening. It means that you can’t use the sugar tubs twice.

Sugaring is a New Trend

Since the ancient Egyptians, body sugaring has been around, who thought that a body without hair was the most beautiful. Waxing is still the most popular way to get rid of hair in Canada, but body sugaring is becoming more popular and in demand. Every day, people who have had bad experiences with waxing come to us looking for a natural way to get rid of hair.

After Sugaring, Your Hair Will Grow Thicker and Faster

Body Sugaring treatments start to weaken the hair follicle after a few visits, which leads to permanent hair loss. Everyone’s hair grows at a different rate, so it takes for clients to see results varies. Most of our clients come back every four to five weeks to keep their sugared skin in good shape.

Wrapping It Up

Waxing or Sugaring? In the end, it’s your choice. We could only guide you while making all the facts and myths clear. Waxing and Sugaring cost are almost the same, but the pain factor gets less with Sugaring. People from all over the globe have Sugaring monthly. They have concluded positive results regarding Sugaring. It is all hygienic and safe.

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