Finipil Antiseptic Cream

 * Works best for anyone with red bumps from ingrown's * Clears red bumps caused from ingrown's, opens the pores and allows hair to grow out Finipil is a scientifically approved, patented, FDA registered OTC antiseptic made by Equibal Labs, which is applied on clients after and in between Nufree hair removal services. This antiseptic cream destroys 99.999% of bacteria and cools and soothes the skin while protecting the empty hair follicle. - Kills 99.999% of germs - Reduces redness - Dermatologist researched, tested and approved - Approved for daily use - finipil cools - by dropping the temperature of the empty follicle, freezing away swelling due to water retention, hot showers or aerobic workouts. - Prevents infection of the empty hair follicle. - finipil should be used daily - on damp skin after showering or bathing to activate it. This keeps the skin sanitary and the follicles clean and free of clogging and foreign matter. - finipil protects against ingrowns - and rids the area of old ingrowns caused by waxing, shaving at home, and hard water.


Merben Bikini Brush

 By gently brushing the bikini area on a daily basis with our soft handmade natural jute brush, the dry layers of skin are removed, allowing the hair to grow in properly, NO MORE ingrowns ladies! So go ahead, wear the tiniest of tiny bikinis and be confident that you look great - all over! - Prevents ingrown hairs - Gets you bikini season ready - Use dry for maximized exfoliation - Small and compact - Natural and handmade


Vanish PFB Chromabright

(for ingrown removal and skin lightening)

PFB Vanish™ + Chromabright© - Two Products in One: - Skin Lightener & removes ingrowns - Lighten dark spots - Post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation product Perfect for Dark Spots in: 1) Inside thighs & bikini area 2) Under Arms 3) Chin Nape of neck 4) Acne 5) All ethnic skin types 6) The only Lightening and Ingrown Hair Roll-on on the Market 7) Skin lightening results in 6-8 weeks

PFB Chromabrite $34.00

PFB Regular $30.00

Eyebrow Shadow & Eyebrow Gel

Colours from lightest to darkest of hair types in order to to give you the best possible full eyebrow shape and look **ask one of our Aroma experts for a FREE colour trial to find the one that best suites you for the best brow look**


Eye brow Gels Keep your misbehaving brows in place with our discreet and easy-to-use brow gel! The lightweight formula creates thicker fuller natural-looking brows A clear gel for all hair colours that sets, defines, and holds brows in place all day. What it does: This long-wearing clear gel sets and defines brows without fuss. The soothing  formula also conditions hair and offers a lustrous, natural look.